5 ideas for an incredible bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ

5 ideas for an incredible bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ

5 ideas for an incredible bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ

Your bathroom is one of the most important and trafficked areas of your house. Thus, it's always prone to everyday use (and sometimes misuse!). That's why neglecting your bathroom is guaranteeing an awful look. If that has happened already, it's the perfect time for bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ. However, such projects usually cost up to $5,000 and more, so they don't happen quite often. On the other hand, remodeling your bathroom doesn't always require expensive or difficult stuff. Here at LGM Construction LLC, we show you 5 great ideas for your bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ:

Follow these ideas for a gorgeous bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ

A New Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to improve your bathroom. Also, giving a new look to your bathroom's ceiling and walls is a great DIY project. In addition, you can also dare to be bold and try a totally different palette of colors. However, whether you do this or decide to play it safe, make sure to buy mold-proof paint. In this way, you avoid the usual moisture to become your biggest enemy. We can't stress enough how important this is. Remember, mold can grow easily within 24 hours.

Adding Storage Space

The best projects of bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ include installing or revamping cabinetry. Cabinets and drawers are especially important if the bathroom uses a small space within the house. An uncluttered and organized space allows people to notice the beauty of your bathroom instead of the products that usually pile up. Remember; everyone notices a disorganized bathroom.

Getting New Accessories

If you have repainted your bathroom already, you'll likely need some new accessories as a complement. A few examples of accessories are towel bars, faucets, or door and cabinet knobs. Indeed, this is a great option since your current accessories are probably dull or stained. Though these accessories look small by themselves, they enhance the overall look of your bathroom. So, don't overlook the need for hardware and accessories!

Using Natural Stone

Adding gorgeous natural stones is an amazing way to add a rustic or organic look. However, since natural stone isn't always cheap, you can always buy tiles cut from such materials as marble or bluestone. Tiling your shower or adding a backsplash is a great option over placing a granite slab. Dare to make your bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ look awesome!

Framing your mirror

Whether you have a medium-sized or large mirror, your bathroom needs a focal point. Thus, framing your mirror is a great idea to achieve this. Also, you can place your mirror in the center or in front of the entrance to make it prominent. Finally, adding a DIY or a vintage frame will be the perfect detail to make your bathroom look fantastic.

There you go. These 5 ideas can be the perfect way to make a project of bathroom remodeling in Wayne NJ look simply gorgeous. If you have doubts about performing this project on your own, you can always count on professionals like LGM Construction LLC. Get in touch with us today and get the bathroom you've always dreamed of!