Helpful shingle roofing repair and installation tips!


Helpful shingle roofing repair and installation tips!

Do you know when you need shingle roofing repair or a new installation? How about when you see leaks to appear and deterioration of shingles? LGM General Construction LLC provides helpful tips and enhancement for you troubleshooting your rooftop. 

Here we understand how important it is to have the perfect rooftop to guard for your family and overall property. But it is also important to know what happens when a roofing repair is necessary to guarantee long lasting performance and affordable costs. 

Below we summarize some steps we take for proper installation of shingles after doing enhancements and improvements on your rooftop: 

  • We inspect for your leakage trouble caused by a loosen shingle
  • Take the necessary safety measures to go up your rooftop
  • Apply a gas flame, on the previously primed surface (unless the case of cement and wood surfaces). We overlap a tile immediately above the other, so that the shape of hexagon or rectangle becomes evident without in rectangular slots are aligned separation between neighboring tiles.
  • No heat is applied on the side of the granules
  • To become cold, liquid glue is used, as a bonding and sealing agent
  • Put tacks broad heads, applying is 5 cm smooth edge of the tile, so that it is protected by the upper tile, using 6 studs for each tile
  • If we are to apply lower ceilings slope of 25%, we recommend that first a waterproofing is done, especially to prevent the entry of rain when winded. 

In order to avoid inconvenience and ensure the quality and finishes with tile covers are needed to be repaired on your rooftop, we often take the following precautions: 

  • We avoid applying the flame on the granules, because that immediately damages the color
  • Avoid placing too heavy or sharp objects on the installed tile, without adequate protection, as this may cause damage
  • We never step on the tile while it is still hot, as it can sprout asphalt. It is important to thoroughly clean shoes who manipulates, as these may stain
  • We avoid exposing the tiles for a long time in the hot sun, before installation before a repair
  • We check carefully that the surface to be waterproofed has no protrusions that can pierce the tile. 

As a team of professional roofers in the construction department LGM General Construction LLC is here to provide the right services. Contact us today and start your shingle roofing repair today. No matter the size of your rooftop we are up for the challenge!